Our Core Values are a tangible expression of our statement of faith, and directly support our Mission Statement. CRCS is committed to operating both at the corporate and individual levels in ways that reflect these values. We will never intentionally violate these values and are committed to nurturing Christ-centered living in our faculty, staff, parents, students and through our programs, with these core values.

  • Every aspect of our operation must reflect personal and corporate truthfulness and obedience to God's Word.
  • The pursuit of excellence focuses on honouring our Lord with our best effort and conduct and evidences holiness, care, wisdom, thoughtfulness, humility, and skill in all pursuits
  • Humble service that meets the real needs of others, in Christ's name, is necessary to facilitate the development of Christian maturity.
  • The development of Christian character is of higher priority than the development of natural abilities.
  • All members of the CRCS community need to use their God given gifts for the good of the Body of Christ.
  • As children belong to God, CRCS is accountable to help parents to shape and prepare them for a life of service.
  • God is glorified when all members of the CRCS community are committed to nurturing spiritual, personal, and academic development.
  • As fellow labourers for God, all members of the community should treat one another with love and respect.
  • Our commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour is evidenced by our commitment to all personnel, both paid and volunteer, who co-labour at CRCS.

1. Faith results in devotion to the Lordship of Christ, and the seeking after His will with boldness, based upon confidence in His sovereign power.

2. The Bible is our standard for all belief, instruction, practice, and policy, regardless of its acceptance by our culture.

3. A life of prayer makes a critical difference in all that we attempt and is God's channel of power in our school.