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The Campbell River Christian School provides many extracurricular activities that will allow students to grow, flourish and succeed. Below are some links to resources for students. These are valuable resources for mental, spiritual, and academic support. 

Right Now Media - Video and resource library for Christian content. Click the link to register your own free account. 

Plugged In - Christian reviews for movies and games. 

ERASE - BC Ministry of Education mental health and anti-bullying resources.


CRCS Parent-Student Handbook 2023-24:

2023-2024 Handbook

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Tips for Success

  • Get enough sleep, eat a good breakfast, and bring a sweater and water bottle.
  • Arrive early and make sure you have all the necessary materials (e.g. sharpened pencils, eraser, acceptable calculator, etc.)
  • Attentively listen to, and read, all instructions to avoid costly mistakes and confusion.
  • Manage time carefully; it is important to answer as many test questions as possible. Try not to leave any blank.
  • Before you begin answering questions, write down important formulas, timelines, or processes on a scrap paper so you won't worry about forgetting them (do a "brain dump").
  • Consider going through the test and answering the 'easy' questions first, then return to tackle the more complicated ones later. When stuck on a question, make your best guess and move on.
  • Read questions thoroughly and pay close attention to words like: not, no, never, now, all, always, only, most, best, and exactly.
  • Try to come up with an answer yourself before reading multiple choice options.
  • Use the process of elimination; exclude multiple choice distractors that are definitely wrong to narrow down the options.
  • Use scratch paper to work problems out methodically; drawing pictures can help.
  • Show ALL work for written responses.
  • Double check each answer and written work, but stick to initial gut instincts; don't change an answer unless it is obviously wrong.

Graduation Resources

Scholarship Information

Here is an extensive list of scholarships and links to databases to match more scholarships to your individual profile or needs:



CRCS Scholarships

There are several "internal" scholarships & bursaries available to graduating CRCS students:

• CRCS Scholarship for $1000

• CRCS Bursary for $500

• Sandy Glum Scholarship for $500

The deadline to apply for these financial awards is April 1, 2024. Please speak to Mrs. Scoville for an application package or click here.


Post-Secondary Information

Click here