Hello Families of CRCS!

Once again, thank you so much for your grace and patience as we make our way through this Covid maze! Thank you also for your vigilance in monitoring your children’s health and keeping them home when they are presenting with active symptoms of illness. We appreciate your proactive measures to curb the transmission of any virus — Covid or otherwise!

As you know, things are changing rapidly due to the Covid exposures in our school. We are trying to be as responsible and responsive as possible to meet the educational needs as well as the health concerns of our school population — students and staff alike.

To that end, we feel that it is in everyone’s best interests to consider Friday, Oct.1 as a non-instructional Professional Day — meaning, NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS. This will allow our teachers time to prepare multiple ways of delivering instruction should students need to be at home due to illness or because of recommendations from Island Health. Families in Gr.K-12 can be assured that if their children are sick or simply need to be at home to monitor possible symptoms due to a Covid exposure the students will be able to access important instructional material either digitally or in physical hard copy form. Families, students, and staff are reminded that our learning methods and platforms could change very quickly with very little notice due to the ever-evolving situation with Covid in our school community. Please be sure to monitor your emails and social media platforms for updates.

As you are all probably aware, based on the recommendation from Island Health and in consultation with our Board and the Federation of Independent Schools Association, our Gr.3 class has received and will continue receiving differentiated instruction via online learning up to and including Monday, Oct.4. Students in Gr.3 will return to the physical classroom on Tuesday., Oct.5.

Effective Monday, Oct.4, our school will return to a cohort-style of learning in order to reduce the exposure levels to the Covid virus. This means that inter-grade “buddy” programs will need to be put on hold for a time as well as inter-class chapel services. Field trips scheduled for the immediate future will also need to be postponed. Friday, Oct. 8 is a scheduled Pro-D Day so there will be no school for students on that day.

We believe that by making simple changes using methods that we have used in the past we may be able to slow down the exposure and transmission of the Covid virus in our school. Again, we remind all families, students, and staff that this is a constantly changing situation. We urge everyone to maintain a flexible, can-do attitude since we may have to change plans at a moment’s notice depending on the updates from Island Health in response to the case numbers in our school and/or community. 

Thank you for your kind and calm response to a stressful situation for everyone involved. For those dealing with illness, we pray that the Lord brings healing to you quickly. For those dealing with the worry of isolation and monitoring, may the Lord give you His peace. 


Let us remember to hand over our worries to our gracious and caring Lord:

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” — 1 Peter 5:7

Please be sure to monitor your emails as well as various social media platforms for updates from our school and/or your children’s teachers. Thank you for standing with us as we adapt on the fly!

— Bérénice MacKenzie