Admission Fees and Tuition
We plan for families to be with Campbell River Christian School for the entire school year:
           Due to the nature of education, much of the planning required to run an effective school must be done on an annual basis. Significant financial commitments are made annually: teachers are hired, capital assets are purchased, programs are developed and a host of other plans are created to function for the entire year. As such, by enrolling your child/children at Campbell River Christian school, you are committing to partner with the school for the entire year. For families entering the school mid-year, you are committing to partner with Campbell River Christian School for the remainder of the school year.

Key Financial Guidelines:
        A. There are five payment options:
  • Option A: Annual Single Payment on September 15th.
  • Option B: 10 Month Pre-Authorized Debit Plan (which includes an additional annual $30 bank transaction fee)
  • Option C: Debit
  • Option D: Email money transfer.
  • Option E: 10 Month Post-dated Cheques.

Admission Fees:
2023-24 CRCS Tuition and School Supply Fees

   Please contact the office to pick up an application package.